SEO Consultant / Website Designer

My name is Tysan and I work with business owners to get more customers through Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. 

I can build you a new website or update your existing one. 

For local businesses, I do a lot of work with your Google local listing. The way you format that and the information you use is very important is search results.

SEO Services

SEO involves a wide range of expertise. I can do whatever your business needs to be more successful on the internet. 

I recommend having me do a free SEO analysis and consultation to see how much work will need to be done and what the potential benefit is.

I do my best to make my SEO services affordable to everyone because I understand the importance of these services to every business in the world we live in. 

Free Consultation

I offer a free SEO analysis and consultation where I analyze your target market and competition. I also research keywords, backlinks, citations, and more. 

The purpose of this analysis is to give you an accurate idea of where your business stands online and what it will take to scale the way you want to. 

The market and your competitors can effect the amount of SEO work substantially. Some business will only need a few weeks work. In the most competitive markets it could take years depending on resources.

Website Design

I design responsive, mobile friendly websites that are easy to navigate.

I can design simple websites on up to complex ecommerce websites with thousands of products. 

Prices range from $800 to $10,000+ depending on need

SEO Blog

I have some great articles on common SEO topics that will hopefully be helpful to you. 

I don't charge top dollar

It is common practice in SEO and advertising to charge as much as possible without much concern of effectiveness. 

I try to charge the least possible while trying to maximize your R.O.I.

I only work with a few clients at a time

I am able to fully focus on your business and goals in a way that a lot of larger companies can not do. 

I bring your vision to life, not mine

It’s not about me. If you don’t like my 1st design I will listen to you and make another one. 

It’s your business. It should be represented how you want.

I am honest

SEO is not something most people understand and a lot of advertising agencies use that to overcharge.

A big part of my job is setting realistic expectations of time, cost, and potential. 


I never stop learning

Google gets smarter and more customer driven literally every second with A.I. 

It’s my job to stay updated on changes in search, and business in general. 

I am very competitive

SEO is a competition for search spots where the fastest, most informative, wide spread, comprehensive businesses get the most traffic. 

I really enjoy this competition and find I am effective. 

I love what I do!

It’s strange, but I love charts, graphs, keyword research, and just growing businesses in general. 

I don't charge for work I don't do

It is common practice for advertising companies to charge multiple times cost for things such as domain names or hosting. 

I only charge for my services not for things other companies do.

I'm here to talk

If you are paying me I work for you.

If you have questions, comments, etc…call, text, email, or video chat me.

I listen

My job is to build off the framework you have already laid out. I want to build off your vision. To do this I need to listen to what you have to say and the picture you are painting.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing can be confusing to say the least. You have to do keyword research, market research, understand different marketing platforms, and much more.

If you need help with your digital marketing let me know and we can discuss the best path forward. 


Google ADWords

Adwords can be confusing and costly if you are not very familiar with it. I can save you time and money by setting up, monitoring, and adjusting your AdWords campaign as it runs.