How long does SEO take to work and how much will it cost?

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I’ll just tell you up front, the short answer to the question above is that it varies heavily by industry, location, and your current SEO profile. I know that’s vague and I understand that you are looking for something more exact. To figure out a rough time frame and cost effectiveness profile I do an analysis of a few key factors.

If you want to know more about your business specifically let me know. I do a free analysis and consultation so we can both get a better idea of what it will take to get you more organic customers online. Click here to learn more.


SEO is a competition for Search spots. The stronger the SEO profile of your competitors, the stronger yours will have to be, and the longer it may take to bring results. This is why having a professional that understands your competitors SEO strategies as well as your own is incredibly important.

Understanding your competitors will help to give you a more accurate picture of what you need to do and how long it will take to be effective. If your competitors have a weak SEO profile you could see results in a couple months. If your competitors are stronger it could take 6 months or even a couple years in the strongest markets.

Your current SEO status and structure

The next step after getting an accurate picture of your competitors SEO status and structure is to evaluate your own.

You may find that your top competitor has only put a bit more effort towards their SEO than you. A solid week or 2 of SEO work could make a big difference in your search rankings and your revenue. It may take a couple months or more for you to rise up the rankings if you are a ways back, but the great part about SEO is that it has a snowball effect where you gain momentum in a way you can’t with advertising.

If your top 10 competitors all have great descriptions, blogs, back links, reviews, etc, and you don’t, then you may have a higher mountain to climb. The good news is that even if this is the case, there will most likely be some lower competition keywords that can start to bring some good short term results while you build to larger keywords. You will need someone who has a really good understanding of SEO to do this effectively.

How much will it cost me to increase my search ranking through SEO?

The cost varies greatly on the factors that we talked about above, but many small business can get started anywhere between $500-$2,500.

The good news is that when SEO is done right it is an investment where the return will be greater than the initial cost. A good SEO consultant will analyse if it is even worth spending the money because in some instances it may not be.

Speed is also a factor. You can spend $500 a month on SEO and that may give you the steady growth you want. If you want to get there faster and outrun your competitors so to speak, you may opt to up the budget a bit. The nice part about SEO is that it can be custom-tailored to the particular business and the wants/needs of the owners and management.

Small Business SEO Plan

I have tailored a plan for small businesses that I believe will give business owners the most value for their dollar.

My goal with this plan is to get your business into a competitive space to get more organic search traffic and business.

Before signing up for this plan I recommend taking advantage of my free SEO analysis and consultation to make sure this is the best path for your business. Click here for free SEO analysis

I hope this has helped

I hope this helps people to realize that SEO doesn’t have to be a giant, expensive undertaking. It can be custom tailored to your needs, wants, and budget.

Other Resources

You can always contact me with any questions. I will go over your entire SEO profile with you or answer questions for free.

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