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General SEO Services

I offer a wide range of SEO services. Since the needs of every business are different, I would recommend a free SEO consultation to see what services you actually need.

SEO Consulting Services

If you are handling your SEO in-house but would like help to speed up and streamline the process I can help.

Do I need SEO consulting services?

Not everyone needs to hire outside SEO consulting help. Many companies do SEO in-house and, Believe it or not, I actually recommend this. The more SEO work you do the more money you make so I believe hiring a full or part-time SEO employee or doing it yourself is not only a great idea, but it’s becoming a necessity! The problem of doing SEO yourself is that the learning curve is steep and if you don’t format things properly you can spend a lot of time for little or no result.

I can help to simplify that learning curve using the professional research tools at my disposal as well as over a decade of trial and error to understand how to do make sense of the research and data to be able to format your website and local listings for search engines and consumers.

Local SEO Services

I love working with small businesses because of the opportunity to directly help families and communities build and make money.

4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information! (Source: Think with Google

Do small businesses need Local SEO?

Without a doubt. People find businesses on the internet. It is the yellow pages and word of mouth combined. Just think about how often you hear people say they found a business on Google, Facebook, etc. All the time!

Why use my small business SEO?

If I work with you I will be obsessive about your business! I can’t help it, ask my better half :).

A large part of why I started this business is because I saw SEO and advertising companies using methods that did not have the business owner in mind. I believe in mutual benefit in business. I won’t take your money and do the minimum. In fact, I won’t take your money at all if I don’t believe the return on your investment will be worth it.

I also don’t take shortcuts. Unfortunately, it has become common practice to set up fake backlink networks to ad strength to customer websites. I’ve been in this business long enough to see what happens when people try to trick Google. It works until they shut it down and blacklist your website leaving you starting over. With Artificial intelligence becoming more prevalent the only way to do SEO is the right way. I would never put a customer in a position of losing their business because I wanted to take a shortcut.