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Web Design Services

I offer web design to anyone who needs it. I can do simple setups on up to E-Commerce sites with hundreds of pages.

I can either make your website for you, teach you how to design your website, or both.

Website Design Graphic

Does my business need a website?

In a world that is moving online more and more every day you need a website to keep up with your competitors. Business owners are hiring people like myself to optimize their website and outrank their competitors. I promise you this is not something you want to play catch up with. It will cost you a lot more money and time to do it later.

Does anyone use a phone book anymore?!

NO! When is the last time you saw someone pull out a physical copy of the yellow pages to look up a business? When people want to find a product, service, or information they look to the internet. If your business isn’t there you are losing money.

A website is here forever

The great part about having a website is that it doesn’t stop running like a commercial or pay per click campaign. It stays there for as long as you want. The longer your website is online, the more Google sees it as being a good source. This is why it is good to have a website even if you don’t have a long-term plan yet. Your website essentially builds equity as it sits making it a solid investment.

Do I need web design if I already have a website?

If your website is not bringing you new customers the way you want, or your customers are having trouble navigating your website, then a web design touchup is probably a good idea. Sign up for the free SEO analysis below to see if, and how, a website re-design can help.